Experience the ultimate upgrade for your pet walks with "The Original Lily Leash" Easy Pet Walker!

Our premium leash is designed with both you and your furry friend in mind, featuring our patented control grip handle. With a simple squeeze of the flexible handle, you can instantly activate the brake mechanism anywhere along the leash, giving you unparalleled control over the slack and allowing you to keep your pet close.

Plus, our control grip handle is crafted from 100% FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, ensuring it's not only non-toxic but also anti-microbial for added peace of mind. Paired with a leash thoughtfully designed for ultimate safety and comfort, this is the last leash you'll ever need.

Elevate your pet walks to a whole new level of convenience and enjoyment - get your hands on "The Original Lily Leash" Easy Pet Walker today! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Costa Cholakis
Best dog leash ever made.

My wife and I walk our Havawort every night. She and I love the leash. It is easy for her to grab the red cushion for control of the dog. When we meet up with other dogs on a walk. We recommend this for any dog lover.

Great leash !!

Love the control with the added silicon handle. Must have especially for the bigger dogs. Highly recommend !!

Dan Schroeder
100% worth the purchase

Could not recommend Lily Leash more. Easy to use and helped correct some pulling behaviour with my dog. I would highly recommend this leash over anything else.

Honest Review

We love the Lily Leash! Both my wife and have different walking styles and both struggled with the typical walking leashes available. We have both found the Lily Leash to be ergonomic, allowing us to grip the leash more comfortably and easily hold our dog back without much pressure when she tries to bolt. With the handle design you can get a firm grip without getting rope burn or needing to wrap the leash around your hand. The handle can easily slide up and down, effectively shortening the leash. Because of the handle material, it stays in place on its own and then holds the leash when you grip it. We highly recommend the Lily Leash!

Best leash around!

Never thought I’d give that a title but it’s the truth! Feels great and is such a genius design easy to slide the rubber handle up and down for the perfect amount of resistance for our Ranger. Fantastic length gives me enough leg space so he can sniff but not drag me and when I need him to be right beside me I just adjust the handle to my spot and he sits perfectly! Thick durable materials and I love it!